20 years Replek Farm – 20 years of Austrian capital

Nov 23, 2021


During the last year we donated more than 8,000,000 mkd or more than 130,000 eur for charity, as assistance to public institutions: Ministry of Health, PHI Clinical Center, PHI CGH September 8, Institute for Lung Diseases Kozle, Institute for Physical Medicine and...

Replek Farm – Unity and team spirit

In great shape and condition, Replek Farm team won fourth place in the traditional Business Race 2021, organized by First to Top. The numerous Replek Farm competitors, divided into 5 teams, this year ran in honor of the prematurely deceased colleague Jorgo and said:...


On September 4, 2021, the first 5 km "Race for Independence" was held in Krushevo. Replek Farm, as a socially responsible company, supported this event by donating products, among others Resept antiseptic and disinfection products.

During today’s working visit to Replek, the Austrian Ambassador Dr. Georg Voutsas visited our production facilities and together with our CEO, Dusan Pecovski, expressed willingness for new cooperation opportunities between the two countries.

At the press conference following the visit, the CEO emphasized that Replek is a company with Austrian capital and is an excellent example of a successful foreign investment in Macedonia that has been producing quality generic drugs for 20 years and exporting them to more than 25 markets worldwide.

“We are committed to enhance the cooperation between the Austrian and Macedonian economy and industry, moreover, the interest for this collaboration exists from both sides. We plan capital investments in production facilities that will include Austrian companies, resources and know-how, placement of our products in Austria as well as placement of Austrian products on the Macedonian market.

We continue to grow, modernize and we are dedicated to achieve our goal, to bring part of the world to Macedonia and to transfer part of Macedonia to the world. Hence, we are focused on production of high-quality medicines available to all and to conquering new markets.

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