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About Us

Our concept and our main goal was construction and establishment of a modern factory for production of pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical products REPLEK FARM DOOEL, which was completed in 2001. Designed, built and equipped in accordance with the latest requirements for good manufacturing practice and the most stringent requirements for environmental protection, today the factory is a modern, operational, high-standardized production capacity, which produces more than 150 drugs registered in our country and numerous foreign markets, in accordance with the strictest requirements for quality and safety of medicines. Our future goal is continuous implementation of new technologies in operation, building new capacities, expanding the product range, increasing the number of exporting partners and achieving greater cost-effectiveness.


Mission, Vision and Values


Health is accessible to everyone

  • We are developing new projects with the possibility of quick registration and placement of existing and new markets at affordable prices.
  • We invest in improving the quality, therapeutic efficacy, reliability and safety of generic drugs that we produce.
  • Long-term promotion of cooperation with foreign and domestic partners while taking care of the final consumers, their needs.
  •  Creating a competitive working atmosphere and a good perspective for the development of employee careers.
  •  А continuous increase of the shareholders’ capital by running a profitable, fast-growing company.

Let’s be among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the existing and projected markets.

We realize our vision through the intensive work aimed at expanding the production range, achieving the most affordable prices, maintaining and increasing our business in the existing and projected markets, attracting new partners.

  • Flexibility and speed

Broad portfolio and opportunity for fast registration and production of medicines, OTC products and nutritional supplements, for the needs of our partners.

  • Partnership and friendship

Continuous deepening and improving relations with partners as well as finding new partners for conquering new markets.

  • Efficiency and economy

Production of quality generic drugs at affordable prices for all end-users. By continuous challenge of costs levels, we aim to provide the most affordable prices for our products. Continuous creation of value for our shareholders by running a profitable, fast-growing company.

A few words from Dr. Ivan Tudzarov

General Manager of REPLEK FARM LTD


“Company’s core business, since 2001, is development and production of generic medicines in different therapeutic categories and forms.

Our main focus is export to foreign markets, including marketing contracts, manufacturing contracts and tender business contracts, which are main drivers contributing the growth of current operations. To this end, we are continuously investing in modern technologies, expanding our production facilities and portfolio.

Company’s future development plans are mainly focused on further expansion of international markets and our portfolio of generic drugs, OTC products, food supplements and cosmetics. ”


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