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20 years of success

YOUR HEALTH – OUR RESPONSIBILITY Over the years, with a clearly determined goal and dedication we managed to create a modern pharmaceutical company which operates according to the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We follow the World scientific trends...

Press release — History made today: UN recognizes medical cannabis

After 60 years of status quo, 3 years of scientific review by WHO and 2 years of diplomatic discussions, today, the United Nations finally withdrew cannabis from Schedule IV of the Single Convention –the “prohibition schedule” You can find more info on THIS...

The new way of life, in conditions of pandemic, imposed the need for regular use of effective and safe disinfectants and antiseptics. That is why we have created the Resept line of disinfectants and antiseptics, formulated according to WHO recommendations, in form of solutions with 80% alcohol intended for disinfection of hands and surfaces and in form of gel with 70% alcohol, intended for hand disinfection.

For special care of inflamed, irritated skin, we created Resept + gel with CBD, an antiseptic for hands that additionally nourishes and soothes inflamed skin.

Resept products are tested in accredited microbiological laboratories, which is another confirmation of their high efficiency.



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