CBD reduces COVID-19 lung damage with an increase of anti-inflammatory protective peptides

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On September 4, 2021, the first 5 km "Race for Independence" was held in Krushevo. Replek Farm, as a socially responsible company, supported this event by donating products, among others Resept antiseptic and disinfection products.

20 years of success

YOUR HEALTH – OUR RESPONSIBILITY Over the years, with a clearly determined goal and dedication we managed to create a modern pharmaceutical company which operates according to the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We follow the World scientific trends...

Press release — History made today: UN recognizes medical cannabis

After 60 years of status quo, 3 years of scientific review by WHO and 2 years of diplomatic discussions, today, the United Nations finally withdrew cannabis from Schedule IV of the Single Convention –the “prohibition schedule” You can find more info on THIS...

In a new study, scientists have shown that one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis – CBD – reduces lung damage induced by cytokine storms caused by COVID-19 by enabling an increase in levels of a natural anti-inflammatory peptide.

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