For the first time in Macedonia, innovative natural cosmetics with cannabis extract rich in cannabidiol (CBD)!

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20 years of success

YOUR HEALTH – OUR RESPONSIBILITY Over the years, with a clearly determined goal and dedication we managed to create a modern pharmaceutical company which operates according to the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We follow the World scientific trends...

Press release — History made today: UN recognizes medical cannabis

After 60 years of status quo, 3 years of scientific review by WHO and 2 years of diplomatic discussions, today, the United Nations finally withdrew cannabis from Schedule IV of the Single Convention –the “prohibition schedule” You can find more info on THIS...

What differentiates the new Cannabo products?

Cannabidiol or CBD, present in cannabis extract, in addition to its numerous positive health effects, has a rejuvenating and calming effect on the skin. This happens due to the high prevalence of cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Inspired by these effects and the latest findings which confirm the detox effect of CBD, we created Cannabo, an innovative skin care products.

There are already many products with cannabis oil that do not contain this valuable component, cannabidiol (CBD) in its composition. They contain only cannabis seed oil, vegetable oil commonly used in our diet, which does not contain CBD.

How CBD affects the skin?

In accordance with the latest world trends, we created the Cannabo line to preserve the healthy and young appearance of the skin. At this time of increased air pollution when 90% of the population is exposed to toxic organic and inorganic pollutants, harmful PM particles and high UV radiation, leading to premature skin aging, Cannabo products provide reliable protection through its detox effect. Moreover, it provides hydration, enhances regeneration, and soothes redness and irritation.

What is the secret to the effectiveness of Cannabo products?

Natural composition and high quality ingredients.

Besides the natural CBD, Cannabo products contain additional components such as plant extracts (marigold, arnica, almond, St. John’s wort), vitamins (A, E, panthenol) and anti-age ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol), depending on the purpose of each individual product.

CBD face care products


Cannabo day cream          Cannabo night cream          Cannabo lip balm

Anti-age + Detox + Hydration


CBD body care products


Cannabo hand cream                Cannabo body lotion                       Cannabo body oil

Detox + Hydration + Regeneration


Medicinal creams for the treatment of inflamed skin with herpes and hemorrhoids


Cannabo herp lip balm                    Cannabo hemor cream

Anti-inflammatory + Protective + Regenerative effects

CANNABO innovative CBD skin care




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