Kalcium karbonat

Calcium carbonate
Tablets 1 g 
ATC  A12AA04
Prescription-only medicine
Reimburse by Health Insurance Fund


Adults: 0,5-3 g three times daily.
Children: 0,25-1 g three times daily.

Calcium carbonate tablets should be administered during the meal. The dose is determined and individually adjusted according to the calcium and phosphate levels in the serum. The phosphate level in the serum should be from 0,8-1,5 mmol/l, while of calcium from 2,1-2,7 mmol/l.

If during the treatment, hypercalcemia appears, the dosage should be decreased. At patients with heavy hyperphosphataemia (serum phosphates from 7-15 mg %), prior to the initiation of the therapy with calcium carbonate, it is recommended a short administration of aluminum binders of phosphates and reduction of total intake of phosphates in the nutrition. When the phosphate level in the serum will be decreased from 5-7 mg % the therapy with calcium carbonate may begin.

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Each tablet contains 1 g calcium carbonate.


Therapy of hyperphosphataemia in chronic renal insufficiency, independently whether the patients are on dialysis or not, if there is a necessity for a decrease of the phosphate concentrations in the blood.
Therapy of lack of calcium in nutrition.
Therapy of gastric hyperacidity.


– Hypersensitivity to calcium carbonate or any other constituent component of the drug;
– Hypercalcaemia;
– Hypercalcuria and nephrolithiasis of calcium calculi and tissue calcifications.


Box with a glass jar with 50 tablets of 1 g