Production of cannabis extracts and products for medical purposes

We produce high quality natural cannabis extracts embedded in various pharmaceutical dosage forms, in accordance with the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry, for which we have a Certificate of Conformity of the manufacturer with GMP norms.

All stages, from receipt of dried flower, through extraction processes, technological processes of production of dosage pharmaceutical formulations and their packaging, are strictly controlled by our certified laboratories for Quality Control and Microbiology in all intermediate stages, thus providing strictly controlled and high quality standardized cannabis final product.

Dried flower, which is used as an input raw material in extraction processes, must meet all quality criteria, including the health aspects of the absence of contaminants; herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, residual organic solvents, absence of mycotoxins, microbiological purity, etc. The extraction is performed according to standard, strictly defined conditions of supercritical CO2 extraction, which takes place at low temperature, which ensures maximum preservation of all present cannabinoids and other biologically active phytocomponents.In this way, a complete “Full Spectrum” cannabis extract is obtained, in which a mutual synergy of the plant components is maintained.

This natural full-value cannabis extract is used as the active ingredient in our dosage formulations, in precisely the right amount, to provide the declared content of the primary cannabinoids, in their most potent decarboxylated, neutral, lipophilic form.


Our Certificates